Law Enforcement Guidelines

These operational Law Enforcement Guidelines on data disclosure requests are addressed to Law Enforcement Authorities seeking information from about its customers and/or Representative or/and business partners.

Please note, any enquiry unrelated to a Law Enforcement Request will not receive a response. For any other matter please contact our Customer Service Department.

As the owner and operator of and the websites orr other apps, Tourisma E.V in the Hungary is responsible for handling all data disclosure requests relating to customer and Travel partner data worldwide.

Tourisma E.V is the data controller for any personal data collected through the online reservation services. Other than this, Tourisma E.V is the contracting travel partner for all tourism partners worldwide, dispense in Brazil.

All data disclosure requests must be addressed to Tourisma E.V even in the event has a local entity in the country where the requesting Law Enforcement Authority is established. only discloses data following a data disclosure request which is legally binding to Tourisma E.V under Hungarian laws. Exceptions are made for emergency situations.

Local entities of only provide an internal supporting role to and for the benefit of Tourisma E.V and may not disclose data upon request of a Law Enforcement Authority. Other than this, local entities of may not have full access to all information collected through the online services.

Hungarian Law Enforcement Authorities requesting (personal) information must comply with the following requirements:

  • The request must be legally binding for Tourisma E.V,;
  • The request must be addressed to Tourisma E.V, AB 44 03 73  Szeged Csongrad – 6723, Hungary.

Law Enforcement Authorities located outside the Hungary requesting (personal) information from Tourisma E.V must comply with the following requirements:

  • The request must be addressed to Tourisma E.V, Gyöngvirag Utca , Szeged Csongrad – 6723, Hungary, and
  • The request must be submitted as part of a judicial assistance procedure to the Hungarian authorities (under a Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty). In case of doubt, please contact your national center for international legal assistance.

Tourisma E.V. will only disclose information upon receipt of a request which is legally binding to Tourisma E.V. under Hungarian laws. This request should include in any event the following information:

  • Formal writing, directed and addressed to Tourisma E.V. A request addressed to “Tourisma E.V.”  will not be considered valid;
  • Clear ground for the legal basis of the request;
  • Description of the natural person or legal entity about whom the information is requested;
  • Name and signature of the issuing authority, badge/ID number of the responsible agent or officer, email address and a direct contact number;
  • At least provide:
    • Customer email address or reservation ID number (only a Customers name is not sufficient);
    • Travel name and city or Travel ID number;
  • Specific summary of data that is required to be disclosed and the period within which data is sought;
  • Expected response period.

Please be as specific as possible and remember that all data disclosure requests must be reasonable, proportionate and necessary for the stated purpose.

Tourisma E.V. will make exceptions to its normal data disclosure procedure, if Tourisma E.V. believes that an emergency situation (such as a terrorist act, serious harm to or death of a person) has occurred or may imminently occur if the requested information is not provided in a timely manner.

Emergency Disclosure Requests must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Address the request to Tourisma E.V., Gyöngvirag Utca , Szeged Csongrad – 6723, Hungary;
  • Indicate that you’re submitting an Emergency Disclosure Request;
  • Indicate the nature of the emergency situation (such as serious harm to or death of a person);
  • If possible, identify the (group of) person(s) in danger;
  • Specify which information is needed and why disclosure of data by Tourisma E.V. could (help to) prevent the emergency. Please be as detailed as possible; and
  • Include full contact details and signature of the submitting law enforcement officer, including a direct phone number.

  • The Tourisma E.V.  Technical Team is not authorized to disclose any information by telephone or email outside of the process as explained in these Law Enforcement Guidelines.
  • Tourisma E.V. will not respond to correspondence sent to our employees’ corporate/personal email addresses.
  • Tourisma E.V. will only respond to Law Enforcement Requests sent in accordance with these Law Enforcement Guidelines.
  • Tourisma E.V. has strict procedures in place for the protection of payment card data. Credit card details are generally hashed and therefore not readable 10 days after the reservation was made.
  • Tourisma E.V. reserves the right to notify its customers or accommodations when their personal data is being sought, except where providing such notice is prohibited by law.


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